Beaufort County started on January 18th, 2016 staffing a Paramedic QRV at the Blounts Creek Volunteer Fire Department 24/7. 

This Quick Response Vehicle is county owned and operated by County employees and the fire department is providing space for the vehicle to park and the Medics to stay. 

There will be one Paramedic on duty per shift and the QRV is staffed just like an ambulance. 

Chocowinity EMS and Aurora EMS will still respond to Blounts Creek in their EMS districts for transport and continuation of care to the hospital.
The Paramedics with this QRV can treat a patient just like the ambulance until it arrives on scene which cuts down on response times in our area. 
The goal is to get hands on patient care as quick as possible. 

Both Chocowinity EMS and Aurora EMS also respond at the Paramedic level. 
Blounts Creek VFD is also now responding with the EMS units as Medical Responders to all EMS calls in our fire district in a vehicle we obtained 
as surplus from Beaufort County. 
Our vehicle which is a 2010 Dodge Charger is equipped with an AED and basic supplies to assist the EMS crews on life threatening calls 
or to treat patients until a Medic arrives on scene. 

The FD unit will only be dispatched to high level calls (Delta and Echo responses) unless EMS units request our assistance. 
The QRV at Blounts Creek VFD will also respond to Aurora and Chocowinity to assist those units with life threatening calls. 
Since the county EMS units have been put in service along with the Medical Responder program and Emergency Medical Dispatch 
response times have already decreased and there has been increased patient improvement. 
There are four FD's participating in the Medical Responder program as of right now: 
Blounts Creek, Chocowinity, Bunyan and Pinetown. 

There is also a county QRV and ambulance stationed in Bath. 
If anyone wants more in depth information about EMS they can contact Glenn Mercer, EMS Operations Chief for Beaufort County. 

David Williams